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LearnBangla provides an extensive Bangla language teaching to the foreigners to develop their Bangla language profeciency, since 2010; specially, to those who are working with different diplomatic missions, international volunteer agencies, donor agencies, student from different educational institutions and social workers. US Embassy, European Union, International Committee of the Red Cross, Japan International Cooperation Agency, World Food Programme, International Labor Organisation and UN Agencies are few of them.

In the processes, we received huge appreciation from the participants as well as from their sponsors which is very much encouraging for the development of this institution. Since we started, our program helped hundreds of learners from more than fifty five countries around the world.

Recently, LearnBangla initiated the same activities in Los Angeles, California for assisting not only to the foreigners, but also, to the Bangladeshi kids and adults; most importantly, who are struggling to communicate in a Bangla speaking community.

Why LearnBangla is unique

We ensure a team of highly qualified, experienced and professional Bangla instructors. They are capable enough to adequately serve our learners requirements and to eliminate their language and cultural barriers.

We emphasis on making the courses and lessons more enjoyable and realistic.

We use our own developed modules, exercise books, flash cards, flip charts, festoons and all other training learning materials in our unique way.


We maintain the standards and the quality of teaching.

Our teaching processes are very simple, easy to understand and pretty helpful for capturing the language quickly.

We offer congenial atmosphere for imparting classroom sessions with adequate facilities.

We apply our methodologies in such a manner that enables learner to become a master on their own destiny as soon as they finish their courses.

We focus on a friendly relationship between teachers and learners.

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