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1680x1050 Blueprint Wallpaper">

Quite a few years ago now, I saw a really awesome wallpaper created by a Mac user. Designed in a blueprint pattern, it labeled all the standard interface elements on the screen, even the Mighty Blue Apple.

1680x1050 Blueprint Wallpaper">

Being a nerd with more than a few obsessive tendencies, I was fixated on this style and was determined to replicate it for my computer. Using then-Macromedia Fireworks (Macromedia was later acquired by Adobe), I sized and layered elements of Windows Vista. As the anonymous Mac user had done, I used a ghosted watermark of the official default wallpaper behind my blueprint pattern.

Not to be outdone, I decided the Welcome Screen needed some blueprint love as well. In Windows Vista forward, the Welcome Screen includes a few buttons and badges for your product edition, so I made sure to allow these elements to stand through and be enhanced by the blueprint pattern: 041b061a72


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