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Add Account Outlook For Mac |VERIFIED|

You can configure Microsoft Outlook to access your Office 365 account by setting up an Exchange connection. An Exchange connection provides access your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks in Outlook.

Add Account Outlook For Mac

The new account will appear in the left navigation pane of the Accounts dialog box. The Server Information may be automatically entered. If not, follow the remaining steps to enter this information manually.

Our company has migrated our Gmail accounts to Office 365. In my local Outlook for Mac client, I've deleted my old account and added the new one. But there is still a single calendar out of my control that didn't get migrated AFAIK that I would like to have on my Outlook Calendar. But if I re-add my old account, I get double of all my old emails.

Is there a way to tell Outlook for Mac to sync just the calendar from a certain account and not the emails for that account? I know you can do this in the native Apple Mail/Calendar clients thru the Internet Accounts settings.

Getting back to your question though, you could potentially add the Google calendar onto your Outlook web app (visit and follow steps to add a shared calendar) - however that would only give you read access to the calendar.

Keep in mind when IT decides to cancel the G Suite accounts your old calendar will be gone! So plan ahead.. it costs around $6/month per account, so it's only a matter of time before they decide the cost is not worth keeping it around.

This article will describe how to add either a UIC Exchange or UIC Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook on both Windows and Mac devices. The Outlook client can be downloaded and installed from

If you've entered everything in correctly, task will be completed successfully and you can close out of the window and begin using your account via Outlook 2011 mac.Import your old POP account into the newly created IMAP accountIf you currently keep a copy of your mail on the server, then you're done! But if you delete them from the server, then you have to import your old POP mail into your IMAP. Here's how to do it

Enabling the integration adds a Dropbox icon to the Outlook compose window. When you click this icon a pop-up window appears, allowing you to select from the contents of your Dropbox account. A shared link to each file or folder you select will appear in the body of the email.

This article pertains to existing department email accounts. To request a new department email account, please see this page.Request Access to an Existing Department Email Account

The Accounts screen comes up. This will list each of the email accounts you have set up in Outlook. Here I just have one, but highlight the one you want to delete in the left panel. Then at the bottom click the minus button to deleted the selected account.

Tried this and does not work. The issue is that when in go thru preferences or tools on outlook the program freezes and I cant do anything with my email accounts. On preferences I cant even see my gmail account. In tools I can see it but cant access it. Any suggestions.

I would also like to hear your solution to the issue above. My email server has been switched and I am now getting my emails from a new server. I need to delete the old email account that is constantly looking for the old server to get my emails. Unfortunately, when I highlight the account and click on the minus symbol outlook throws an error and crashes while it is trying to delete the account. Any suggestions?

Nope, that is not the reason I am trying to delete the account. If I could delete the account the proper way I would not be asking. The problem is that when I try to delete an account, per the method prescribed in Outlook, Outlook freezes, becomes non responsive and does nothing. SO the question is how to Manually Delete an Email Account when Outlook is being onery and uncooperative on my Mac.

3. Once your account has been added, select Done. Please note that the 'Get Outlook for iOS & Android' will link to a download page for the official Microsoft Outlook mobile application, which will be blocked by the university due to privacy concerns.

If you were using Outlook for Mac with SFU Connect, you will already have an account. Follow the steps below to add your new SFU Mail account. You may wish to delete the old SFU Connect account to avoid issues or confusion.


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