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One Punch Man 2nd Season Specials Fix

Junior forward Carisa Zaban (28, 36), a Second-Team All-ECAC selection, rebounded from a torn ACL last season to finish fifth in the nation in both scoring and assists. Junior forward Samantha Holmes (29, 23) finished seventh in the country in scoring and sixth in goal scoring. Senior forward Melisa Heitzman (22, 22) and sophomore forward Michelle Thornton (19, 25) round out the 'Cats' full staple of All-ECAC forwards, with freshman forward Kelly McManus (11, 17) making the All-ECAC Rookie Team.

One Punch Man 2nd Season Specials

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The Wildcats have the guns, but the question is whether they can use them. This season they played seven nailbiters against the rest of the Final Four field, but came away with just one win and three ties. New Hampshire defeated Brown to win last year's inaugural American Women's College Hockey Alliance National Championship, but then again, the Red Sox won the first World Series. 041b061a72


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