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Battle For Pandora PORTABLE

An aerial assault led by Tsu'tey took the fight to the RDA. At tbe beginning of the skirmish, the Na'vi hid in the mountains high above the altitude the vehicles of the RDA were traveling at. As soon as the vehicles were in attacking distance, the Na'vi took the opportunity to attack first. Flying high and striking down towards the unsuspecting vehicles, the Na'vi had the uppder hand in the battle. With the attempt of disabling or destroying the Valkyrie, Tsu'tey and Jake fought their way to the vehicle with Tsu'tey taking the fight to the soldiers in the loading bay. It would not last long before being shot several time and falling to his death. Jake himself desired to bring the Valkyrie down by any means necessary.

Battle for Pandora

The seeds for this conflict were planted long ago, when an ancient evil was defeated and sealed beneath Pandora Prime by the Eldar, well before it was colonized by the Imperium. Though the Eldar thought it would trouble them no longer, their foe's power had now, millennia later, drawn the forces of an Ork Warboss and Chaos Lord to release it, from where it now dwelt beneath the Hive city of Oberon. After receiving a vision of what was to come if it was unleashed, a Farseer also arrived on Pandora Prime with an Eldar warhost; intent on permanently destroying the ancient evil, and all those who sought to claim its power. Though it was now beset on all sides by the invading forces, all hope was not lost for Pandora Prime, as a Space Marine task force, composed of the Blood Angels and Ultramarines, soon arrived to aid the beleaguered Hive World[1]. The battle between the Space Marines and invading forces lasted for several months, but ultimately Pandora Prime was saved; though the Hive World was left largely devastated because of the conflict.[2]

Aware of the Na'vi's rapid increase in numbers, Quaritch decided to execute a preemptive strike against the Na'vi holy site at the Tree of Souls to "blast a crater in their racial memory so deep that they won't come within a thousand klicks of this place (Hell's Gate) ever again." The RDA outfitted the Valkyrie shuttle with palettes full of high explosives and set out with every aircraft in their arsenal while Jake prayed to Eywa for a favorable outcome in the battle ahead.

Although the Na'vi had taken advantage of the element of surprise and managed to destroy several enemy units, Quaritch eventually ordered the RDA to break formation and the battle soon turned to favor the humans and their superior technology. Even though Trudy managed to cause some damage to the enemy in her own Samson (suitably decorated with Na'vi war paint), she was quickly shot down and killed by Quaritch's Dragon gunship. At this point, the Na'vi sustained heavy casualties, including Tsu'tey (who attempted a direct assault on the Valkyrie shuttle), Trudy (after fighting the Dragon Assault Ship) and Seze, Neytiri's banshee. The RDA soon regained control of the fight and were subsequently allowed to regroup and resume their bombing run of the Tree of Souls.

A similar tactic with the Dragon Assault Ship failed as Quaritch had seen him coming and took evasive action. The grenade that was meant for the engine intake detonated inside an air vent, breaching the hull and forcing the crew inside to don exopacks. Despite the effort to shake Jake off the ship, he managed to separate a hellfire missile from its coupling and send it into the front starboard lift-fan, causing the aircraft to lose control and explode in mid air. While this signaled the end of the battle and the RDA's attempt to destroy the Tree of Souls, Quaritch successfully managed to escape in one of the unused AMP suits, landing clear of the Dragon's burning wreckage shortly before it crashes.

After the Pandoran war, the leadership of the Omatikaya was passed onto Jake by Tsu'tey, who was dying from the gunshot wounds he sustained in the battle. The Na'vi approached the Hell's Gate compound and forced the RDA personnel to leave Pandora for good. Some humans, presumably those who had aided the Na'vi in their struggle, were allowed to stay behind. This included Jake, Norm, Max, and some of the other science crew. Jake elected to undergo a Na'vi ritual to transfer his consciousness permanently into his avatar, thus becoming one of the Na'vi forever. It is unknown what happened to the rest of the humans who were allowed to stay, or if other members of the avatar team underwent the same ritual.

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