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[S2E11] Mistake At The Lake

With Steve out of the picture, Fiona fails to find a better companion, and is upset when Steve returns to the United States with a wife, Estefania, a drug dealer's daughter whom he only married to survive. When Steve finds out Estefania is still interested in her ex-lover, Marco, Steve attempts to smuggle Marco into the United States to get back into Fiona's good graces. Meanwhile, Karen finds out she is pregnant, and hints to Lip that he may be the father. Though Jody initially takes Karen's hand in marriage, Karen realizes the marriage is a mistake and grows a hatred for her husband, kicking Jody out of her life and letting Lip back in. As her pregnancy progresses, Karen feels she would be an unfit mother and decides to put her baby up for adoption. The brush with becoming a father encourages Lip to drop out of school, creating a disagreement between Lip and Fiona.

[S2E11] Mistake at the Lake


And just what kind of ratchet behavior did Kirk engage in while at the lake house with buddy Benzino? Check out what went down below. All we can say is it involves strippers, liquor, and a hot tub. Good times.

Dan checks his wire as Maze arrives at the club. She says Dan should flirt with her and she puts his hand on her knee. She says he needs to own up to what he did. She blurts out that Dan slept with Charlotte, which shocks Chloe. She tells Lucifer that they made a mistake and there is no relationship. She tells Lucifer to step outside so he leaves.

In her room, the girl sees her picture of Dale scowling in anger at her. She tells him that she tried to cheer him up by giving him a friend - a ginger cat. However, he's still unhappy, just like all the other kids in her drawings. After making a mistake in her next drawing, the girl furiously scribbles over it...

Ironically, this isn't the first time Jim has had the opportunity to relive this day and turn down the amulet. In Trollhunters season 2, Episode 11 "The Unbecoming," Jim says the amulet made a mistake picking him, triggering a vision where he gets to play out an alternate history of the events of the show's first episode (titled "the Becoming") where he never becomes the Trollhunter a la It's a Wonderful Life. In "The Unbecoming," Jim passes by the amulet, leaving it to be claimed by Draal. At first, Jim's life is drastically improved as he's able to spend more time on school and with friends; however, when Gunmar tries to activate Killahead bridge, things go much worse than when Jim was the Trollhunter. Draal is dead and the amulet is broken. Jim tries to activate it, but it won't work, leaving Jim as the last line of defense, only without the power of the amulet, declaring "I'm the Trollhunter, amulet or not," triggering a message from Merlyn, the creator of the amulet. But just as Jim charges off to meet Gunmar, and certain doom, he wakes back up, still the Trollhunter, steeling his resolve to take the full burden of being the Trollhunter.

Back at Langley, Estes is doing his usual two-faced thing, telling Carrie not to worry about "the ugliness" with Galvez and then instructing Quinn to box her out of the Roya interrogation. If the real CIA operates anything like this, I'm moving to China, because next thing you know Carrie waltzes into Roya's interrogation room and starts trying to connect with her on an emotional level. There's more ugliness when Roya asks Carrie, "Have you ever had someone who somehow takes over your life, pulls you in, gets you to do things that aren't really you?" I sure as hell have, and his name is Nick Brody, Carrie practically blurts out, only to have Roya spit back, "Well, I've never been that stupid, you idiot whore!" Then she starts ranting in Arabic. Oops again, but this mistake turns out to be a profitable one because, while she's waiting at a stoplight in a car that looks suspiciously like it wasn't smashed a mere episode ago, Carrie realizes that Roya's Arabic tirade included a reference to the fact that Nazir wouldn't run. Obviously, he's still in the factory!

When an oil rig in Louisiana drills into something unexpected, a cataclysmic event is unleashed, causing a lake to suddenly disappear; experts use the latest science to investigate what went wrong and how it can be fixed.

This changed after she did the procedure on Aqualad; still hating him for Artemis's murder, she used her mindblast on him, ruthlessly extracting all information from him. The discovery that he was undercover left her shocked and deeply traumatized, causing her to reconsider the use of her powers.[18] She became more timid, and reluctant to use even the most basic forms of telepathy.[19] She was filled with extreme guilt by what she had done and only after Artemis motivated her, did she begin to fix her mistakes.[20] Eventually, she comes to fully realize the error of her ways and takes full responsibility over her actions and selfishness, setting out to atone for her mistakes and mending her relationships.[21][22] By 2018, Superboy confirmed that she no longer shattered minds after seeing the error of her ways and is still afraid of crossing that line again.[23][24]

Grampa falls in love with Bea Simmons, a fellow resident of Springfield Retirement Castle. They make plans for Bea's birthday, but it falls on the same day as the monthly outing with the family. Homer doesn't believe Grampa's protests that he has a date, and drags Grampa along to Discount Lion Safari. A mistake by Homer gets them stuck in the park overnight, and Grampa returns to the rest home the next day to find that Bea died while he was out with the family.

Homer gets drunk at a dinner party and makes an oaf of himself. Furious, Marge signs them up for a marriage counseling retreat. However, the retreat is being held at a lake that's a famous fishing spot, and Homer gets in trouble when he skips the counseling sessions to go fishing.

Jim looks at the amulet and talks to Merlin. He throws it out and says he wishes he'd never picked it up in the first place. On the ground, the amulet is activated and a light flies up to talk to Jim. The soul of Unkar the Unfortunate tells Jim it wouldn't be the first time the amulet made a mistake. He's there to offer Jim a second chance.

Jim sees Steve being cornered by trolls and keeps running toward the museum. Jim finds Draal there, turned to stone. The amulet is missing. Jim sees it broken nearby. He tries to activate it, but it doesn't work. He starts crying and says he can't do it alone. He then says he's the trollhunter, amulet or not. He takes Bular's sword and prepares to go out to fight. Unkar tells him if he goes out, he will die, but Jim says he has no choice. Merlin then appears to Jim, saying the amulet doesn't make mistakes. He chose Jim. Now he has to show them why. Jim lifts the sword onto his shoulder and goes to face Gunmar.

Big Red and EJ perform Gaston in rehearsals. During the school's career day Ashlyn believes they made a mistake on his career aptitude test so she creates a vision board to help him see the big things that he could do. Big Red believes that what he wants to do isn't good enough for Ashlyn when he knows she is going to be super famous. That night, Ashlyn apologizes to him and supports what he wants to do. After breaking up with Nini, Ricky runs to Big Red and he comforts him.

In "Into the Bunker," Dipper uses his black light to uncover the location of the Bunker in Journal 3. It also helps him and his friends to get by the Bunker's defenses. The Shape Shifter (looking like the man on Baron Num Nums High Flyin' Beans, but mistaken as the Author by Dipper) tries to trick Dipper into giving him the Journal, desiring to increase it's repertoire of forms. In "Sock Opera," Mabel uses the Journal as a prop for her sock puppet show. Bill Cipher (possessing Dipper's body) tries to find and destroy it, but is stopped by Mabel.

Ryōko Toba is the younger sister of Minami Toba. Nadeshiko asks her to help her and Rin to light a fire. They mistake Ryōko for a young man due to her short hair, low voice, and gender-neutral clothing. She is shown talking to her inebriated sister back at her campsite. Later she and the girls share their food with one another.

Meanwhile, Katara rouses everyone, desiring to take advantage of the cool night. A downcast Aang brightens for a second when he mistakes a cloud for Appa. Realizing his error, his mood deteriorates even further. When Katara asks him to waterbend the cloud into her water skin, Aang angrily snatches the pouch out of her hands and glides off. After Katara comments on how little water there was from the cloud, Aang blows up at her, asking her what she is doing to help, to which she quietly states, "Trying to keep everyone together." As they depart, Toph stubs her foot against what she claims is a boat. Aang uncovers the object with airbending, revealing a sand-sailer similar to what the sandbenders use. The presence of a compass aboard leads the group to use the vehicle to try to escape the desert.

(This is my first attempt at writing something, the summary should be longer after writing for awhileThere will be lots of grammar and spelling mistakes during. If you could point them out, it would be very helpful. Thank you.

An unemployed Kate agrees to the trip but hesitates when Johnny shows up at her and Tully's apartment with the glasses wipes she likes so much. The wipes are Johnny's way of telling Kate he made a mistake letting her go, but when he returns to the apartment to make a grander gesture, he's too late. Kate's gone off to Europe with Theo. 041b061a72


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