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What If Enter Sandman Was On ...And Justice For All

Hetfield recalled the conversation going a little less smoothly to Guitar World in 2008. "I can remember when I wrote the lyrics to 'Enter Sandman,' Bob Rock and Lars came to me and said, 'These aren't as good as they could be.'" he said. "And that pissed me off so much. I was like, 'Fuck you! I'm the writer here!' That was the first challenge from someone else, and it made me work harder." Inspired by the feedback, Hetfield reworked the song into something much less literal and, in the end as a result, more meaningful. "I wanted more of the mental thing where this kid gets manipulated by what adults say," he explained. "And you know when you wake up with that shit in your eye? That's supposedly been put in there by the sandman to make you dream. So the guy in the song tells this little kid that and he kinda freaks. He can't sleep after that and it works the opposite way. Instead of a soothing thing, the table's turned."

What If Enter Sandman was on ...And Justice For All

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In July 2019, Metallica announced a set of South American tour dates for April 2020 with Greta Van Fleet in support.[185][186] In September, ahead of that year's Global Citizen Festival, it was announced that Metallica would perform at the following year's festival in September 2020 alongside artists such as Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus and Coldplay, in what would be the final event of Global Poverty Project's year-long Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream campaign.[187] The following day, on September 27, Metallica announced that Hetfield had re-entered a rehabilitation program and that its Australia/New Zealand tour would be postponed.[188][189][190] In a statement by Ulrich, Hammett and Trujillo, the band spoke of the devastation of the news, saying that Hetfield "[had] been struggling with addiction on and off for many years" and that all tickets would be fully refunded.[188][189][190] Ulrich later added that Hetfield was "in the process of healing himself", and that the band hoped to return to Australia and New Zealand in 2020.[191] The band's other commitments, including a benefit concert in March 2020, were still expected to continue as planned;[188] a further five US festival appearances were announced in October.[192] These shows were later postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to support Hetfield's recovery.[193][194]

In an interview with Marc Benioff in April 2020, Ulrich stated that Metallica could work on its next studio album while in quarantine.[199] Trujillo told The Vinyl Guide in June that the band was "excited about cultivating new ideas" for its new album. "We communicate every week, which is really great, so we have our connection intact [...] what we've started doing is basically just really concentrating on our home studios and being creative from our homes and navigating through ideas and building on new ideas. And that's where we're at right now". He also said that the band was working towards eventually entering a studio to record the album.[200]

I firmly believe that you hear an album or a song when you're supposed to. Music tends to align as it should, connecting the a-ha! moments of your sound world through personal discovery and research. It's disingenuous to force an experience on a listener, prescribing an ordered list of what to hear and when to hear it. If Pet Sounds comes to you late, then its pop revelations are all the sweeter. If, for some reason, you heard Slow Train Coming before Blonde on Blonde, working backwards from Bob Dylan's weird twists and turns offers a unique perspective. And, now that Master of Puppets has entered my lexicon, recent epiphanies with Agalloch, for just one small for-instance, are coming into view. For two bands on opposite ends of the metal spectrum, it's a bewildering surprise, but both are committed to gnarled beauty, just with different approaches. 041b061a72


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