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Treasure Come To Me - A Beautiful Lagu that Will Make You Smile

Download Lagu Treasure Come To Me: How to Enjoy the Song by the K-pop Sensation

If you are a fan of K-pop music, you might have heard of Treasure, a 12-member boy group from South Korea. They debuted in 2020 with their first single album, The First Step: Chapter One, which included the song 들어와 (Come To Me). This song is a catchy and upbeat track that showcases the group's vocal and rap skills, as well as their youthful and energetic charm. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this song, why you should download it, and how you can enjoy it to the fullest.

download lagu treasure come to me

What is Treasure Come To Me?

Treasure Come To Me is the second track of Treasure's debut single album, The First Step: Chapter One, which was released on August 7, 2020. The song was composed by Rovin, BIGTONE, CHOI HYUN SUK, HARUTO, Kim Kyung, and YOSHI, and written by Rovin, Kim Kyung, BIGTONE, CHOI HYUN SUK, YOSHI, and HARUTO. The song is a pop genre with a bright and cheerful melody that expresses the group's desire to be closer to their fans and listeners.

The meaning and lyrics of the song

The lyrics of Treasure Come To Me are about asking someone to come closer and open up their heart. The song uses various metaphors and expressions to convey the group's sincerity and affection, such as "I'll be your umbrella when it rains", "I'll be your light when it's dark", and "I'll be your star when you look up at the sky". The chorus repeats the phrase "come to me" in Korean (들어와) and English, creating a catchy hook that invites the listener to join the group's world.

The members and vocals of Treasure

Treasure is a 12-member boy group that consists of CHOI HYUN SUK, JIHOON, YOSHI, JUNKYU, MASHIHO, YOON JAE HYUK, ASAHI, BANG YE DAM, DOYOUNG, HARUTO, PARK JEONG WOO, and SO JUNG HWAN. They are divided into four sub-units: Treasure A (vocal line), Treasure B (rap line), Treasure C (dance line), and Treasure J (Japanese line). Each member has their own unique vocal color and style that contributes to the group's harmony and diversity. For example, BANG YE DAM is known for his soulful and powerful voice, HARUTO is known for his deep and charismatic rap, and PARK JEONG WOO is known for his high-pitched and angelic voice.

The music video and performance of the song