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Buy Pet Medication Online Canada

We do match prices available to the general public (i.e. not any special prices available to members of subscription or membership programs) at the following select online retailers (,,,,,, We do not match prices at other retailers that are not previously listed.

buy pet medication online canada

A: Your veterinarian might strongly recommend that you get the medication directly from them, but some states actually require veterinarians to write prescriptions for clients to have filled elsewhere if requested by the client. Some states do not require this of veterinarians.

If you receive a shipped medication and the package is damaged or it appears to have been allowed to get too hot or too cold, contact the pharmacy immediately and notify them of the problem. If you are not sure if the medication is safe to use in that condition, contact your veterinarian.

Keep this document in an easy-to-find, easy-to-remember place (for example, with your emergency kit). Photocopy this plan and keep it in your car and/or at work, and a copy close to your phone. If you completed your plan online, keep an electronic version on your computer.

Talk to your doctor about preparing a grab-and-go bag, if possible, with a two-week supply of medication and medical supplies. Include prescriptions and medical documents. Remember that pharmacies may be closed for some time, even after an emergency is over.

If applicable, other items such as prescription medication, infant formula, equipment for people with disabilities, or food, water and medication for your pets or service animal (personalize according to your needs).

My cat Austin had gotten very sick and was in desperate need of emergency veterinary care. It was literally a lifesaver that I had a CareCredit account. I was able to conveniently finance the care and medications he needed to survive. I have recommended CareCredit to my friends and family for their healthcare and veterinary needs. Thank you.

Plus, the online process of connecting a suitable vet to a pet parent is faster than a traditional vet visit and consultations can be scheduled from the comfort of your home. In addition, pets that hate doctor visits and show signs of extreme anxiety when near a vet can now easily be diagnosed and treated.

In a few states like California, a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) must be established before a vet can prescribe medications or diagnose your pet or dog online. Simply put, the VCPR is a bond that must be formed between online vets who write prescriptions and the actual client.

The VCPR is a must to give the online vet complete authority to exercise their medical knowledge over a sick pet or dog. There are some important criteria that must be covered to establish VCPR. These include:

Now that you know that it is possible to get prescriptions for your pet online for non-emergency conditions, you may have further questions. One important question you may have is: How can I get a prescription for my dog online?

Dutch also partners with a network of pharmacies to deliver medication to your doorstep. Not only can you get prescriptions online through Dutch, but you can also get the prescribed medications without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Yes, virtual vets can prescribe medicine online. This is known as vet telemedicine, which is a remote way of connecting a pet with a vet who can reach a diagnosis, write prescriptions, administer treatment, and provide ongoing care.

But, you may be wondering, how does telemedicine work? Telemedicine can only be offered once VCPR is established between an online vet and the client. Once VCPR is established, pet owners can access regular care using Dutch and get treatment and necessary prescriptions as needed.

The client will receive the prescription, treatment plan, and required medicines through partner pharmacies at their doorstep soon afterward. It is important to note that certain other state laws and policies might stop the vets from prescribing medicine, and an online vet is not suitable for emergency situations.

Ordering pet prescriptions online is quick, convenient, and easy for pet owners. Plus, using Dutch instead of visiting a traditional vet comes with its own set of benefits. The following are the main differences between Dutch and the traditional vet experience:

Getting dog prescriptions online is now a reality when you use Dutch. With Dutch, you can easily get high-quality treatment and any necessary prescriptions for your pet online. Whether your pet suffers from a skin condition or anxiety, if a vet determines that medication is necessary for your dog, a prescription can be issued virtually.

Metacam Oral Suspension is a medication prescribed for dogs that are showing signs of osteoarthritis. Due to the stoic nature of canines, they do not want to show pain or weakness. This can make it difficult to know if osteoarthritis is the reason for a reluctance to play, run, and jump, or excessive licking of a joint or leg, and behavioral changes.

Pet owners want to provide the best care for their four-legged friends. But no one wants to spend more than necessary on pet medications. can help you find cheap pet meds online. We carry a large selection of prescription and non-prescription pet medications online from our network of trusted pharmacies. Use the search bar below to find the pet meds that your furry friend needs. offers some of the most affordable international and Canadian discount pet meds given our price matching guarantee. We provide popular pet medications at reasonable prices, so you don't have to worry about skyrocketing drug prices. When you're buying pet meds from Canada, you want to purchase them from to ensure you get the best medications at the best prices for your pet.

As a responsible pet owner, you go to great lengths to ensure your beloved pet's health. You want what's best for your animal companion and will scour the internet, looking for the international and Canadian discount pet meds that will keep them happy and healthy. Many people depend on's online prescription referral service when they want safe, effective pet medications. We can set your mind at ease with the fantastic selection of products we offer.

You can order pet medications for dogs and cats on our secure website and know you're doing right by your pet. As a leader among prescription referral services, offers the medications your pet needs at affordable prices. If you want pet meds you can trust, look no further than

No, we do not accept returns. Legal restrictions prevent our partner facilities from accepting returned medications, even if the packaging is unopened. If you're unhappy with your order, please contact us or chat with a customer care representative online so we can address your concerns. is the go-to source for pet meds from Canada and other international sources. We offer safe, effective medications at prices you can afford, backed by our unparalleled customer service. Buy your pet medication online from our Canada-based and international pharmacy partners and start saving money today!

At Canada Chemists our pets are family, so we understand that your pet's health and wellness are extremely important to you. We carry a wide range of pet medications and supplements, and offer easy prescription transfers, refills, and compounding services - just like for our human patients!

Canada Chemists offers a FREE wellness portal to keep track of your prescriptions for your family and pets. Easily create refills for existing prescriptions, or review & purchase medications and vitamin products recommended by your wellness practitioners.

Canada Chemists only uses the highest quality compounds in our hypoallergenic lab to produce your bespoke prescriptions in a timely and accurate manner. We care about our customers and take every precaution to produce and dispense optimal compounded and standard medications.

Walmart Pet Care includes Walmart PetRx, in-store and online pharmacy services introduced by Walmart in 2019, that give customers the opportunity to fill pet prescriptions at prices significantly below competitors. Walmart Pet Care is just one of the recent investments the retailer has made in the Pet category, joining its growing assortment of over 1,800 premium and specialty pet products and the expansion of in-store vet clinics that offer Walmart customers quality pet care, conveniently where they shop. 041b061a72


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