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Salon Software Download [2021]

Premier Software was founded in 1994 and has spent over 25 years developing and perfecting software solutions specifically for the spa, wellness and leisure industries, hair and beauty industry and training colleges.

Salon Software Download

Providing intuitive software to clients both in the UK and across the world, Premier has built a reputation for delivering business management software systems that help to improve the client journey and support business growth.

Each software solution has a range of features specifically designed to take the stress out of managing your business, whilst providing you with the software to plan future growth and maximise profits.

Salon Calendar is a software tool designed specially for hair salons, beauty, manicure or aesthetic shops, tanning salons, fitness studios, wedding salons, fashion shops and ateliers, ...

This is a more powerful version of Salon Calendar, with all of the features of the ... share data in real time over the Internet. Salon Calendar is a software tool designed specially for ...

Pet Groomer is a modern and extremely easy-in-use software tool for schedule management in companies or for ... mobile groomers, pet supply shops and pet grooming salons. A comprehensive solution, the program allows creating the ...

Hair Stylist Calendar is a software tool designed specially hair stylists, hair dressers and cosmetologists, for hair salons, beauty, manicure or aesthetic shops, tanning salons, beauty ...

... Until now, there have been very few barbershop software applications that meet that need. The few barbershop software applications available were either poorly built, extremely outdated ...

Helios Version 12 is a powerful POS (Point-of-Sale) salon software program for Microsoft Windows. It allows owners to maintain absolute control over all aspects of salon sales and salon inventory while presenting an intuitive and accessible customer checkout process.

Any salon software can claim to increase productivity, improve accuracy and provide greater control over your business, but most salon software programs require expensive initial costs, and lengthy training requirements. Helios 12 removes these barriers with an easy to use, affordable software solution.

Helios Version 12 is a state of the art enterprise-level software to help you meet and achieve your business objectives. This design innovation gives you the flexibility to have your software grow along with your business.Now when you sign up for Helios Enterprise V12, we will provide our integrated marketing platform Hub Essentials.

Vish is revolutionizing the way salons do business. Designed by salon owners, for salon owners, Vish not only measures color accurately but uses data and analytics to set accurate prices, reduce inventory costs, eliminate color waste, and make life easier for salon owners and stylists.

Vish is revolutionizing the way salons do business. The premium Bluetooth-enabled scale seamlessly connects to the Vish iPad app that tracks colour usage and inventory, client formulas, and more, all in real-time.

Vish was designed by salon owners, for salon owners. Vish not only measures colour accurately but uses data and analytics to set accurate prices, reduce inventory costs, eliminate colour waste, and make life easier for stylists.

"I started my career in a Spa that used Milano and when I opened my business almost 20 years ago I knew I was going to use their software. Haven't regretted it ever! Great program and great customer service"

Invest in modern business management software for up-to-date data that's easy to understand. Choose from hundreds of customizable reports that make staying informed simple. Quickbooks Sync compatible.

This tiny open source ERP system is especially designed for a salon. The main page of the software is a calendar which shows an overview of the appointments.The calendar can be switched to daily or montly overview.The Software also includes pages to manage customers and products.It is also possible to create reports such as revenue, best customers, best products and so on. It is also easy to create additional customers.Finally, the software is also multi-language capable. Currently it includes English, German and Spanish.

Our robust salon software has a pricing plan to match every salons needs. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and we would be more than happy to find a plan that works the best for you.

Our award-winning salon software is an efficient, easy-to-use way to handle the ever-growing demands of your salon. Whether you need the service for basic uses, such as billing and communications, or advanced functions, like lost client resurrection or managing stylist portfolios, SalonTarget has everything you need to run your salon effectively.

When utilized correctly, SalonTarget can help users receive a 400% return on investment, meaning your money was well spent and your customers will be more satisfied than ever. SalonTarget offers more than a way for salon owners and managers to make the most of their resources, it offers a more seamless experience for salon customers, too.

Eliminate manual processes, improve workflows, and access information quickly so you can make smarter business decisions and improve your bottom line from anywhere, anytime. Discover how our software solutions can increase faculty, student, and salon staff productivity and customer satisfaction.

Learn MoreTime ClockTime is money, and tracking student attendance and salon staff productivity is critical to business success. Our time clock is ideal for schools or enterprise salons. With easy biometric or app clock-ins, monitoring attendance has never been easier.

Learn MoreInventory & DispensaryFrom retail items to professional products used for the back bar, get the most out of your inventory with a full 360 view. Streamline your operations, reduce theft and over-buying, and increase retail sales with our inventory management software.

Envision provides you with numerous features to help you manage and grow your business. The best way to experience all of the features Envision has to offer is to download a free trial version and schedule an online demo with one of our expert business consultants.

Customize your software to fit the color scheme of your MedSpa. Envision has over 25 different theme styles to personalize your program. You can even color code your appointments to suit your needs. With just a quick glance at the calendar, you can easily see if your next appointment is for a returning customer or a new client.

Envision Medspa software allows you to store an unlimited number of pictures for each client. See before and after images, keep track of your progress when doing a series of work, and have access to a gallery of your work. Keep a main picture for each client to see exactly who you are booking or checking out. Pictures can be uploaded from a camera, scanner, or taken with a web cam.

The marketing filter allows you to target specific customers with your marketing campaign. There are several different filters available based on customer information and purchase history. You can send an email or SMS text message to everyone who's birthday is coming up, customers who haven't returned to the studio, or maybe just to local customers. With other Medspa software, you have to constantly updated your filters, then export and import your list to another program. Envision eliminates this steps and makes it easy for you to reach your customers quickly.

Envision is the only Medspa software available that will allow you to send professional HTML emails directly from the software system, eliminating the need for outside resources! With other programs, you have to export client lists to a different program and you are limited to you use pre-set templates. Envision allows you to create your own email templates and send them to specific clients based on filters you select.

Receive instant income when you sell gift certificates and gift cards to customers! Envision allows you to sell and track gift certificates directly through the software, putting additional revenue into your business.

Envision allows you to create an image gallery of your work. Store pictures of completed work in the software so that your customers can watch a slideshow of technicians' work. Filter the gallery by technician or by type of work, like hair or nails. Your customers can easily find what they are looking for and see examples of your work. It's like having a fully computerized portfolio for your whole medspa!

The spa and salon software market is expected to register a CAGR of 7.11% over the forecast period. With the rising demand for healthy and standard lifestyles, people are looking for services that can relieve stress caused due to a busy lifestyle. Consequently, spa and salon services are gaining traction, which, in turn, is increasing the demand for the spa and salon market. This results in the investment in spa and salon management software to streamline business activities. This software manages the business efficiently, adds value to the business, and allows businesses to manage customers efficiently and grow exponentially.

Spa and salon management software is a web-based solution that aids spa and salon businesses manage their daily business operations. The system automates a range of tasks, including appointment booking and scheduling, appointment confirmations, customer interactions, inventory tracking, staff management, secure storage of data, and implementation of marketing campaigns.

The spa and salon software market is fragmented, owing to the presence of many solution providers globally. Thus, numerous companies focus on partnerships and investing in research and development activities to develop advanced and innovative solutions. 041b061a72


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