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No Download, No Problem: Enjoy Totally Reliable Delivery Service on Any Device

Totally Reliable Delivery Service: A Game About Terrible Delivery Drivers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a delivery driver in a world where physics is unpredictable, vehicles are unreliable, and customers are unforgiving? If so, then you might want to check out Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a physics-based multiplayer comedy game that will test your skills, patience, and sense of humor. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this game, including what it is, how to play it, why you should play it, where you can play it, and some tips and tricks to help you succeed. So buckle up your back brace and fire up the delivery truck, it's time to deliver!

totally reliable delivery service no download

What is Totally Reliable Delivery Service?

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a game developed by We're Five Games and published by tinyBuild. It was released in April 2020 for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia. The game is inspired by other physics-based games like Human: Fall Flat, Gang Beasts, Octodad, Goat Simulator, etc.

The game's premise is simple: you are a delivery driver who has to deliver various packages to different locations in an open-world sandbox map. However, the game's gameplay is anything but simple. You have to deal with ragdoll physics that make your character clumsy and floppy, vehicles that are hard to control and prone to malfunctioning, obstacles that can block or damage your delivery, hazards that can knock you out or explode your package, time limits that put pressure on your performance, and other players who can either help or hinder your delivery.

The game's goal is not to deliver the packages perfectly or efficiently. The game's goal is to have fun and laugh at the absurdity of the situations that you encounter. The game does not punish you for failing or reward you for succeeding. The game simply lets you enjoy the process of delivering or not delivering.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service - The Game About Terrible Delivery Drivers

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How to Play Totally Reliable Delivery Service?

Single Campaign and Online Multiplayer

The game offers two modes of play: single campaign and online multiplayer. In the single campaign, you can play solo or with up to three friends in local co-op. You can choose from four different regions to explore: the city, the countryside, the resort, and the industrial zone. Each region has its own unique delivery missions, vehicles, and secrets. You can access the delivery missions by finding blue mailboxes scattered around the map. You can also activate special events by finding red buttons that trigger various disasters or challenges.

In the online multiplayer, you can join or host a game session with up to seven other players from around the world. You can either cooperate or compete with other players in delivering packages or messing around. You can also chat with other players using text or voice communication. The online multiplayer mode is cross-platform, meaning you can play with players on different devices and operating systems.

Controlled Noodly Chaos

The game's controls are simple but challenging. You use the left stick or the arrow keys to move your character, the right stick or the mouse to rotate the camera, and the A or spacebar button to jump. You use the left and right triggers or the left and right mouse buttons to grab objects or vehicles with your left and right hands respectively. You use the X or E button to enter or exit vehicles, and the B or Q button to use your grappling hook. You can also use the Y or R button to ragdoll your character, which can be useful for dodging obstacles or getting unstuck.

The game's physics are unpredictable but hilarious. Your character is floppy and wobbly, making it hard to balance or steer. The vehicles are unstable and unresponsive, making it easy to crash or flip. The objects are fragile and explosive, making it risky to handle or transport. The environment is interactive and dynamic, making it possible to manipulate or destroy. The game's physics create a lot of chaos and comedy, as you never know what will happen next.

A World of Distractions

The game's map is large and diverse, offering a lot of opportunities for exploration and experimentation. You can find various toys, vehicles, and machines that you can play with or use for your delivery. For example, you can find a rocket car that can launch you into space, a hot air balloon that can take you to a floating island, a catapult that can fling you across the map, a ferris wheel that can spin you around, a ski lift that can take you to a snowy mountain, a submarine that can dive into the ocean, and many more.

The game's map also has a lot of secrets and easter eggs that you can discover and unlock. For example, you can find hidden caves, tunnels, islands, monuments, statues, references, jokes, and surprises that will reward your curiosity and creativity. You can also find golden statues of cats that will unlock new outfits for your character.

Ragtag Crew

The game's character customization is simple but fun. You can choose from four different body types: male, female, big boned, and small boned. You can also choose from various hairstyles, facial features, skin tones, clothing items, accessories, and hats that will make your character unique and stylish. You can change your character's appearance at any time by finding blue wardrobes around the map.

The game's character animation is expressive and amusing. Your character will make different facial expressions and sounds depending on their mood and situation. For example, your character will smile when they are happy, frown when they are sad, scream when they are scared, grunt when they are hurt, laugh when they are amused, etc. Your character will also perform different gestures and poses when they are idle or interacting with other players. Why Play Totally Reliable Delivery Service?

Fun and Funny Physics-Based Gameplay

One of the main reasons to play Totally Reliable Delivery Service is the fun and funny physics-based gameplay that it offers. The game is full of hilarious moments and situations that will make you laugh out loud or facepalm in disbelief. Whether you are delivering a bomb to a fireworks factory, flying a helicopter with a giant magnet, riding a jet ski with a shark, or crashing into a giant bowling pin, you will never get bored or frustrated with the game's physics. The game's physics are not realistic or accurate, but they are entertaining and enjoyable.

Creative and Diverse Delivery Scenarios

Another reason to play Totally Reliable Delivery Service is the creative and diverse delivery scenarios that it presents. The game has over 100 delivery missions that vary in difficulty, location, and objective. You can deliver anything from pizzas to penguins, from ice cream to explosives, from furniture to animals, and more. You can deliver them anywhere from rooftops to caves, from islands to volcanoes, from factories to farms, and more. You can deliver them however you want, using any vehicle or tool that you can find or create. The game's delivery scenarios are not realistic or logical, but they are imaginative and fun.

Endless Replay Value and Content Updates

A third reason to play Totally Reliable Delivery Service is the endless replay value and content updates that it provides. The game has a sandbox mode that lets you play without any time limits or objectives. You can just explore the map, mess around with the physics, create your own challenges, or do whatever you want. The game also has regular content updates that add new features, vehicles, outfits, events, and more. The game's developers are constantly listening to the feedback and suggestions of the players and improving the game accordingly. The game's replay value and content updates are not limited or fixed, but they are infinite and dynamic.

Where to Play Totally Reliable Delivery Service?

Platforms and Requirements

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is available on various platforms and devices. You can play it on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia. You can download it from Steam, Epic Games Store, App Store, Google Play Store, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Nintendo e


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