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In the big drug case where the unit is investigating, Yash, along with DSP Mahesh Pande, who is transferred on special duty from the New Delhi Income Tax Department and Inspector Kamlesh, kills a drug baron named Reddy. Yash, Mahesh and Kamlesh are suspended for killing Reddy instead of arresting him. Reddy's heartless and aggressive brother Vishnu vows to avenge Reddy's death by killing all the officers. Yash and the other officers prepare themselves for Vishnu, but Vishnu and his henchmen successfully break into Mahesh's home and brutally murder him and his wife Rachana. The event shakens Yash and the other officers, but Yash and Maya's marriage take place. Meanwhile, Vishnu decides to attack each of the officers's weaknesses, where he kidnaps Swati and Atul is forced to tell him where Yash will be that night.

Force 2 Full Movie Telugu Downloadl


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