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Red Sakura Mansion [v0.10]

In Red Sakura Mansion, a big mansion is yours, but what if you don't have the cash to pay for it? What's your plan? Seduce and enslave beautiful women, then train and exploit them as prostitutes to get money and live like a king. It's...

Red Sakura Mansion [v0.10]

Description: You'll live in a big mansion, because your friend invited you to join him. You need to rebuild your life after your girlfriend cheated on you. But not everything is so clear about your friend as well, because he's hiding a lot of things and you'll discover all that as you progress the game.

So to free john you need sulfuric acid molasses and a bottled water to get sulfuric acid speak to bob for the molasses speak with nancy and also make sure you have sugar then the water use the sink in the mansion kitchen once you did all that the speak with tiger the mechanic.

Also, how do you get kicked out of the mansion? I have 53% suspicion in one save but it still doesn't get me kicked out. Is this mandatory to proceed a certain storyline? I also read you unlock Cindy after fucking Elsa but I haven't had any luck with that yet. Do I do the rough or soft sex?

John, Lilly love to high stop at 50 messes with the story progession you need sugar from the supermarket make molasses ask nancy you need 50 love with nancy empty bottle for water fill it in garden fountain or the sink in mansion kitchen for sulfuric acid speak with bob at the park give him andeas dirty painties go to the port at night buy sulfuric acid from bob boss 041b061a72


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