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I don't think the solution is setting the filter to "none". I have the same problem when sending images from my photo stream outside the camera app. The images arrive with their original file names stripped and the new file name is "fullsizerender". This is s huge problem. It creates tons of work on the receiving end because all of the file names need to be changed before they can be saved otherwise you end up with the error message about duplicate file names. If you don't catch the process, you end up overwriting the original file. Plus, most senders won't know how to change their settings to accommodate the work flow of the receiver. I can't imagine asking all of those people that send me images attached to an email to make a settings change on their iPhone. Since it's on the iPhone 5 is it everywhere on every iOS device?

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It was the filter setting not being on none as the one post said above. Fixed the issue for me. But the engineers still should do something to the software to enable you to send pictures that have been taken using one of the filters with a unique number or at least say fullsizerender.123 if they are thinking you would want to remember a filter was used on the picture. but at least I can get my work done faster now -thx, posters son. Lol 041b061a72


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