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Mary Juliet Penheiro

Founder and CEO

I can’t wait to hold the privilege to represent Learn Bangla, a leading Bangla language institute, assisting foreigners in learning Bangla language and developing cross- cultural educations!  So, how the story began?

I started my career through teaching Bangla language to the foreigners with a local Non-Profit Organization in Bangladesh in 2001. Later on, I founded my own institution “Learn Bangla” in 2010, which is exclusively providing Bangla language teaching to the foreigners.  Meanwhile, our program has helped hundreds of foreign learners to learn Bangla language from more than fifty five countries.  

A twenty years restless journey of my teaching Bangla language to the foreigners enabled me to realize the importance and potentiality of learning a new language. A language learning, I believe, is only the skill that opens your opportunity to communicate with an intercultural community to blend with and to understand each other’s views; most importantly, it supports your living comfortable in a different lingual and cultural settings or environments.  

Initially, my goal was to train foreigners only, and my teaching was limited to the young and adults. In my journey, surprisingly I learned, many Bangladeshis

also are interested to learn Bangla; particularly, those who are living in a foreign country, and losing their Bangla language proficiency and family ties.

In 2017, when I moved to the USA, I felt it more utterly. At this point, their struggling to communicate in Bangla language became my great strength and inspiration to establish our Bangla language program for them. 

Therefore, in 2018, I initiated and registered Learn Bangla in Los Angeles, California. I started redesigning our curriculum and teaching learning materials; especially, for the Bangladeshi kids who born and broad-up in abroad. However, I am ready now to launch our Bangla language program and to welcome your kids to join us! I ensure an excellent and well-trained team at Learn Bangla to build a bond with our tradition and culture through the Bangla language teaching. Your kid’s learning success is my top priority. I expect, our team effort with a respectful manner will reach it to the highest level of fun, satisfaction and pride!


l look forward your courageous and spontaneous involvement with Learn Bangla!

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