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Learn How to Use ESP8266WiFi Library with NodeMCU and Arduino IDE

How to Download ESP8266WiFi Library for Arduino

If you want to use an ESP8266 module with your Arduino board, you will need a library that can communicate with the module and handle the WiFi functionality. One of the most popular and reliable libraries for this purpose is the ESP8266WiFi library. In this article, we will show you how to download and install this library, and how to use it in your projects.

What is ESP8266WiFi Library?

A brief introduction to the library and its features

The ESP8266WiFi library is a bundle of code that comes with the ESP8266 core for Arduino, which allows you to program the ESP8266 modules using the Arduino IDE. The library provides a set of classes and functions that can control the WiFi features of the module, such as connecting to a network, scanning for available networks, setting up a WiFi access point, creating a WiFi server or client, and more. The library also supports secure connections using SSL/TLS encryption.

how do i download esp8266wifi library

The difference between ESP8266WiFi and ESP8266wifi libraries

There is another library with a similar name, ESP8266wifi, which is not the same as the ESP8266WiFi library. The ESP8266wifi library is for controlling ESP8266 modules that run the AT firmware, which is a set of commands that can be sent over a serial interface. The ESP8266WiFi library, on the other hand, is for programming the ESP8266 modules directly using the Arduino IDE, without relying on the AT firmware. The ESP8266WiFi library offers more flexibility and functionality than the ESP8266wifi library, but it also requires more memory and flash space.

How to Install ESP8266WiFi Library?